Immortalized Squirrel

Immortalized Squirrel

In a previous post I confessed my affection for squirrels and I ended by sharing a sketch for a planned pendant honoring the little furry balls of mischief.  (See Squirrel Love)

The piece is now finished.  My goal was to create a simple, recognizable silhouette in brushed fine silver and accent it with a gold acorn.  Artistic license was needed in making the acorn… it is, shall we say, “oversized” so that it will always be easy enough to make out.

There was much gushing in my studio when I gave the precious metal squirrel its last polish and held it up for one last inspection. It would be less embarrassing to say that there was someone else with me who was doing all of that gushing, but no, it was all me.  The truth is that I get the biggest kick out of seeing what used to be just an idea actually come to life.  And if the resulting piece looks as I’d hoped, well, said gushing ensues (often accompanied by a happy dance). So, without further ado, may I introduce you to one cute, not-likely-to-be-hungry-for-a-while, squirrel:

  Squirrel pendant, two-tone

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Squirrel pendant, semi-profileSquirrel pendant, back


Let me know what you think of the little guy… um… er… gal???


  1. katie fox
    Feb 19, 2013

    You have done it again; created something so unique, not to mention beautiful! And now you get to share it with your legion of fans! I love squirrels too and have raised three of them. Now what about other animals? I think there is a market for all sorts of critters.
    Hope you are enjoying another weird and unpredictable Michigan winter.xxxooo Katie

    • Myriam
      Feb 24, 2013

      Thank you so much Katie for that wonderful compliment. It means all the more given your love of squirrels.
      I’ve been sketching away, coming up with new critter designs. Keep an eye out for posts on many new animal pendants, earrings, etc. I’m also very open to suggestions. I’d love to hear your animal ideas.

  2. Mary Ellen
    Oct 23, 2012

    As the proud owner of one of Myriam’s silver squirrelies, I have to agree. In fact, I’m totally nuts about it! But then the mighty oak tree was once a nut like me! 😀


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