On Social Media (or Why I Love Pinterest)

On Social Media (or Why I Love Pinterest)

In the “real” world, chances are that if someone has a pulse, and some ability to communicate, I can usually figure out a way to engage them in a conversation. Though I won’t wear a lampshade or swing from a chandelier, I do enjoy socializing.

So… social media and I should be bosom buddies right? Think again. I had to be dragged kicking, screaming, and crying for my mama, to the ubiquitous presence that is Facebook. I didn’t want to know the first thing about Foursquare, Twitter, YouTube channels, Instagram, etc. Heck, I even melodramatically sigh at the thought of text messaging. But the new reality of the world is that you can’t contemplate doing business without being digitally social. So when it became apparent that Pinterest was not just the new social media kid on the block, but truly a worldwide phenomenon, I sighed once again and signed up.

Pinterest sign up screen

Within minutes I realized that this was going to be different (cue angels singing). This wasn’t millions of people letting you know what they’d had for breakfast today or how they were feeling at the moment. It wasn’t even said people sharing millions upon millions of vacation pictures that used to be projected in dark rooms to weary friends and families. This was visual nirvana!

If you’re not familiar yet with Pinterest, it’s a site where people organize interests and information as image-based links, or “pins”, into groupings known as “boards”.

Click on any image to enlarge it

"by Myriam" -- some of my Pinterest boards

“by Myriam” — some of my Pinterest boards

More often than not these images are gathered from sources on the internet. For example, you might come across a great picture of a lion while surfing the web… you “pin” it to one of your boards, maybe a general animal board or a more specific “Big Cats” board, where you’ve accumulated pictures of leopards, tigers, etc. That new lion “pin” now sits in your collection and, when clicked on, links back to its original source (maybe a great nature photography website or article about lions).

my  "Big Cats" Pinterest board cover

my “Big Cats” board cover

my  "Big Cats" Pinterest board ... partial view

partial view of “Big Cats” board

Come across a great article on the latest iPad? Just pin an image from that article to whatever board you set up for such things and then add a few notes describing what the image references. In effect, pins can be great bookmarks. You can also upload images without links (alas, some of those vacation pictures have found their way to Pinterest), but you can’t pin an article without an image of some sort.

Now the fun of Pinterest is much more than collecting pins and creating boards… it’s checking out other people’s boards. Need a creative idea for cupcakes? Search for cupcake boards… plenty of cake aficionados have already amassed wonderful pictured links that you can peruse. People tend to pin only the best of things, so the ordinary has already been weeded out for you.

Pinterest search results for "cupcakes" boards

Pinterest search results for “cupcakes” boards

Like other social media sites, you can follow particular users if you see that their boards appeal to you. Doing so lets you see new things as they add them. What’s extra nice about Pinterest is that you can be selective and only follow Jane Doe’s elephant board and sci-fi board, for example, but not her children’s clothing board.

Pinterest combines two of my greatest passions: photography and research. And it does it in a wonderfully interactive way. Overall this social media site is a visual candy store. It’s extremely easy to find oneself spending hours drooling over photography or learning incredible facts you never knew or laughing at the latest funny picture or video (yes, you can pin videos too!) So if you’ve got a couple of minutes (or hours) I highly recommend that you check it out. I’ll make it easy for you… Here’s my page and boards. Feel free to peruse.. And of course follow!

Click on the button below (read directions below if you’ve never visited Pinterest)

by Myriam-on-Pinterest button

— If you are completely new to Pinterest, click on any individual board to see what I’ve pinned there so far. Once on a board, you can click on any individual pin to enlarge it (clicking on it a second time will take you to its original source.) To get back to my homepage of boards, just click on my name at the top of any board or pin (if it’s mine). When you’re done checking me out, click on the red “Pinterest” at the top of the screen and that will show you a real-time stream of things that other people are pinning at the moment.  OK… go on now … ENJOY! —

Come back and comment… I’d love to know what you thought 🙂


  1. Sue Taylor
    Feb 14, 2013

    I am learning so much about you — that I love! Will you give me a personal tutorial on Pinterest!? It all overwhelmes me.

    • Myriam
      Feb 14, 2013

      That is such a lovely comment… it warms my heart because what you said is exactly why I started the blog 🙂 I would LOVE to walk you through Pinterest… just let me know when and how you’d like to have a lesson.

  2. Mary Ellen
    Feb 12, 2013

    Boy, Myr, do I ever identify with you kicking and screaming in your reluctance to join Facebook, as I am about to embark on the same undesired adventure! It’s finally gotten to the point where I have to join Zuckerberg’s little site in order to stay in contact with friends, so a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I reckon I’ll be joining Pinterest too at some point. The times, they are a changin’,as Bob Dylan sings, so I guess I need to change along with them.

    Cheers to ya, hon!

    • Myriam
      Feb 13, 2013

      “Zuckerberg’s little site”… too funny! I hope that he can make a little room for you to squeeze in 😀 It won’t be so bad… and I promise, Pinterest will make it all better.

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