Squirrel love

Squirrel love

I know that to many people they’re little more than pests, but to me squirrels are the clowns of my yard and I melt like butter whenever I watch one sit up and eat.  The truth is that I have an unabashed, gleeful infatuation with these furry little comedians.  Maybe it’s the little paws holding the treat like a kid might, maybe it’s the speed at which that itty bitty mouth moves in the face of food …  I don’t know, but I gush almost every time.



Squirrel standing

“Wait … do I hear seeds dropping from the bird feeders?”


“Yum … sunflower seeds … my favorite.”

Squirrel nibbling - semifrontal






“Thanks a bunch sparrows.  If you could maybe drop some millet or suet for dinner, that would be much appreciated.  Ooh, and some fruit if you’ve got it up there?”


“OK, so the belly’s full … now what sort of mischief can I get into?”

Squirrel at foot of crababble tree




Now back to the world of the jewelry-wearing bipeds.

All this mushy love simply has to lead to a pendant or two… how could it not?

(The dotted lines indicate bail placement for the back of the pendant… the plan is to make the squirrel silver and the acorn gold.  Yes, I know … the acorn is muffin sized … ok, fine, cake sized … we’re chalking that up to “artistic license”.)

Sketch for squirrel pendant - by Myriam

Stay tuned for the finished piece 🙂

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  1. Mary Ellen
    Sep 14, 2012


    Don’t mind me pretending to be an idiot, Myr. I like squirrels too and I look forward to seeing this design on completion.


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